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Secure storage and handling of small cargoes a warehouse in 300 m from the metro station “Shosse Entuziastov”

We offer secure storage and handling of cargoes for our customers. Own storage facilities is 300 meters far from the metro station "Shosse Entuziastov".

Secure storage Storage of printed products Secure storage of newspapers and magazines

Free temporary storage (when ordering transport services)

Walking distance from the metro station ("Shosse Entuziastov")

Convenient access by car, including heavy trucks (see map)

Availability of equipment for operational unloading and loading of vehicles

Twenty-four-hour operation

Individual approach to each client

Down with the bureaucracy - we accept the cargo and draw up the documents in parallel

Our warehouse service on a regular basis is used by many small printing houses or advertising agencies engaged in printing, but not having their own warehouse capacities. It is especially convenient to use our warehouse for the companies located nearby in the East or South-East Districts of Moscow.

The main specialization of the warehouse is temporary storage of printing products, its processing (sorting, packaging) and its further distribution or delivery to the specified addresses. Every day, the print runs of various newspapers, magazines and leaflets come to our warehouse, we pre-pack and sort them out in our warehouse, located very close to the metro station "Shosse Entuziastov".


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