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Do you know exactly where your customers are? We will deliver your information to them directly at their work address. Direct mail is one of the most convenient and effective ways to reach the target audience personally, but unobtrusively.

Mail-direct Distribution of advertising to addresses

Direct mail is one of the best ways to communicate with a potential customer. A person regards this as a personal appeal. Information is perceived in comfortable conditions without external pressure and interference from competitors. Using direct mail, you will spend no more than a few rubles and a couple of days to get in touch with the target audience, and the result will be felt almost immediately. In this case, you will always know exactly how many addresses are involved in your advertising campaign, and we, in turn, will provide you with a report on the work with signatures and seals of officials.

There are several ways to improve the effectiveness of such advertising:

  • Congratulate your customers with the holiday and inform them about new prices for your product or service.
  • Use photos, they cause more confidence than illustrations.
  • Use envelopes with windows on the front and back side, through which "something" can be seen, as three of four people will turn the letter over before opening it.

In the address list you can use any types and formats of circulation and you can enclose both an e-card and a multi-page catalog in the envelope. Everything depends on you.

Advantages of this type of advertising:

  • Accuracy. You choose to whom your information is delivered.
  • Any formats. In the address list you can use absolutely any kinds and formats of the circulation, in the envelope it is possible to enclose both a leaflet, and a multipage catalog and the electronic carrier with any types of media.
  • Noncompetitive environment. This way of promoting the products is not very common, and the chances that your offer will be studied are much higher than traditional types of advertising.
  • Transparency. A report on the work is provided with signatures and seals of officials.
  • Quick and clear effect. After the address mailing you will quickly be able to feel the results of the conducted campaign and understand its effectiveness.
  • Speed. The process of targeted delivery does not require long preparation and in the presence of promotional materials is launched instantly.

Distributing your advertising materials with the help of address mailings (direct mail) you receive an individual advertising contact with your potential customers with a wide choice of advertising media and other unique opportunities


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