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Increase the income of your printing house!

Let's earn together and make life easier for the client! With our help, you can provide the client with a truly integrated service - Printing + Storage + Delivery to unlimited number of points in the shortest time and throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. You conclude with the client a single contract for provision of a complex of services - Printing + Storage + Delivery, and involve us as a subcontractor with the preservation of all the penalties prescribed by the client at our site of work.

The constant experience of working with a number of printing houses has proved its effectiveness and has revealed a number of obvious advantages that you get:

  • Increase of profit due to additional services

  • Increased loyalty and greater customer affinity

  • Obvious superiority over competitors

Printing, storage and deliveryComplex services for printing companies

How does the delivery service work in your printing house?

We assume that its function is to deliver the completed print runs to the warehouse of the client or the transport company. Then, the client refers to a third-party transport company (such as our company), which carries out further delivery to a number of different addresses. Therefore, to deliver the print run to the distribution points, the client either has to work with several partners, or to attract a single transport contractor and then the printing house loses its revenues from transportation.

To accurately calculate the cost of delivery and storage of printed products, a personal manager who will promptly provide the data and further guide your customers will be available for you. Usually, to calculate the transport component it is enough to know several parameters that will give a general understanding by order:

  1. Where from and Where to carry. The number of delivery points and their location.
  2. Weight and dimensions. Total weight and weight per one point.
  3. Time of work of points. Possible interval for delivery to points.
  4. Timing. How much time is there for delivery from the moment of printing the print run.

We are ready to submit on-demand the current cases of the executed Orders and recommendations on the quality of our work from other printing houses.


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