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Distribution of advertising from stands in shopping and entertainment centers

We offer to place your printed advertising products on the stands located in the shopping centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities of Russia.

Advertising on stands in the shopping center Advertising in shopping centers

Advertising on the stands in shopping centers is an effective marketing tool that allows to cover the solvent part of the population. Thousands of people will see your information. All of them go to the shopping center in search of goods or services, and are already ready for purchase, so your leaflet or booklet will be perceived consciously and with interest.

Choosing the trade facilities you need, depending on their location, class, and the representation of certain brands, you can refer to a specific audience of your interest.

Advertising on stands in the shopping center Advertising in shopping centers Advertising in shopping centers

Stands are located in places with high traffic, and the cost of such a promotion is very small. In addition, you can quickly notice the effect of this method of promotion, as paying attention to the advertisement of the goods the client can immediately buy it. In addition, shopping centers are one of the few sites where it is legally allowed to advertise tobacco and alcohol products.

A good option is to place your advertising on the guidebook for the shopping center. It will be taken with a person because it contains the schemes of the halls and the list of stores.

Advantages of placing of advertising on stands in shopping centers:

  • Willingness to buy. Most often the shopping center is visited by people intending to make some purchases or spend their leisure time, i.e. having money and willing to spend it.
  • Conscious choice. The potential buyers take advertising when they are really interested in this product or service.
  • Wide audience. Shopping centers are visited by people of different age and social groups.
  • High level of contact. Stands are located in the places with the highest traffic.
  • Localization. The main contingent is the residents or employees of the offices in the area.
  • Low cost. Rent of a cell at the counter for a month will cost you less than the salary of a promoter for 1 day of work.


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