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Distribution of advertising leaflets in shopping centers, supermarkets, markets

Distribute your leaflets, booklets or promotional materials through our promoters at the entrances / exits or in the supermarkets and shopping centers. Tell about your product or service to a wide audience of visitors to retail outlets.

Distribution of advertising in the trading center Distribution of leaflets in the trading centers

Distribution of promotional materials in or near supermarkets and shopping centers is an ideal way of informing customers about their products, services or promotions. You can fully cover the target market segment and bring the information to different social and age groups. Every resident of the city visits a supermarket or a shopping center at least once a week. The traffic in such places is very high, because here you can find almost everything what a modern person needs for the comfortable life. People are already focused on buying, so they are more open to your advertising. Taking your leaflet with you, the buyer can get acquainted with it in the most suitable conditions: in the recreation area of the shopping center, at work or at home, at the same time showing it to family or colleagues.

The best solution for this promotion will be to use several promoters, so that they can talk about your product or service throughout the retail space.

Distribution of advertising in the shopping center Distribution of leaflets in the shopping centers

To increase the effectiveness of advertising it makes sense to place on your flyer the information about special discounts or bonuses that the bearer will receive. This will encourage the potential client to make a purchase from you.

Using our services, you can be sure that the advertising campaign will start on time and will be carried out in the required scale, for this we have all the resources and experience of holding the similar actions.

Advantages of distributing the promotional materials on (about) the territory of supermarkets and shopping centers:

  • Localization. Targeted advertising support of specific trade facilities or goods in a number of selected facilities.
  • Speed. The process of promo-distribution does not require a long preparation and in the presence of promotional materials is launched instantly
  • Fine tuning. You can flexibly manage the progress of the campaign in each of the stores according to time intervals of work, the location of the personnel, the equipment they use and the slogans they voice.
  • Low cost. In comparison with other types of advertising the cost of promo-distribution is one of the cheapest

Distributing your advertising materials through our promoters in supermarkets or shopping centers, you receive an individual advertising tool working on the principle of "Here and Now", and which immediately begins to "lure" the buyers to you .


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