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Audit of BTL actions

Find out how your BTL-actions are actually going and assess the quality of work of your contractors! Contact us, and we will provide a fast and an independent audit of BTL-campaigns, which you are interested in, in any region of Russia.

Audit of BTL actions Monitoring of BTL actions Audit of BTL events

You allocate a lot of money to conduct BTL-actions, but often you have to rely on honesty of your contractors, as it is difficult to check this type of advertising. Promotional staff has limited working time, may have no permanent location, and to do the work properly it must not only say something to passers-by, but also give them promotional items or probes which must be available. We can help you! With us you will always have the most accurate information on the progress of your BTL-events. We constantly carry out quality control of BTL-actions and have accumulated rich experience and technology for implementation of such monitoring. Our representatives in more than 500 cities of Russia will assess and document the work of the agency or personnel that you hired.


We are an independent company, we are not someone's "subsidiary" or "lower-tier subsidiary" so we can provide you with objective information.

Professional competence and Reputation

For more than 11 years, we have been providing services for audit of promotions. Among our regular customers there are the largest companies in Russia, some of which have submitted their reviews on the quality of our work, which you can find.

Advanced technologies

For convenience of our customers we have created innovative software products that allow you to monitor the progress of works on control from devices of any types in "online" mode.


Using our information system, you can flexibly grant the rights to viewing to your local representatives and representatives of the contractors for your outdoor advertisement placement. Thus, the contractors themselves see the revealed violations and can take measures as quickly as possible.


You do not have to spend time and energy to transfer the endless claims from the central office to the contractor’s office and from there to the field representatives of the contractor and vice versa. Our system will allow the representatives of the contractor to independently monitor and promptly correct any violations. You should only watch the reaction of your contractors and prescribe penalties if necessary.


Using the data collected by us, it is very easy to understand the quality of work of your contractors, depending on the region, or percentages of the types of violations.

Broad scope and speed of information delivery

Every week we collect data on the progress of advertising campaigns in more than 500 cities in all regions of the country. We can track the progress of any advertising campaign, which you are interested in, in any part of Russia in a few hours.

It is well known and proved that if there is no permanent and independent monitoring of promotions and other BTL-events, most employees can either be absent in their workplaces or work with a great number of violations. Your funds will be spent for nothing, and the campaign won’t have the expected effect.

Contact us! Take advantage of our free offer for a test audit of BTL-events. Fill out this form and compare the data with the report that your advertising contractor submits.



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