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Values of “Otkrytye Media”:

to customers to employees and partners

Mutually beneficial and comfortable conditions

Looking forward to a long-term cooperation, we are careful and sympathetic to our partners. We do not use the problems of our clients as an opportunity to earn.

We always keep our word and fulfill our obligations.

We harmonize our potential with our abilities and undertake only those projects that we are able to perform at the highest level.

Willing to work

We do not divide our customers into large and small ones, we have no term "minimal order", we work at weekends and at night, we do not need to be persuaded.

Reputation is the main thing that we have.

Here you can read some customers’ reviews of our work.

Honest and timely payment

We do not shift the problem with the clients on our contractors and pay on time.

Honesty and trust

We are not trying to "earn" using mistakes of our employees and contractors, and hardly ever apply penalties. We trust our employees and partners and they reciprocate our feeling.


We highly appreciate people and companies cooperating with us. We seldom change the contractors and even more rarely dismiss our employees. We have no staff turnover, despite the work schedule and constant hassle.